The War Horse Memorial

The War Horse Memorial is the first national memorial dedicated to the millions of UK, Allied and Commonwealth horses, mules and donkeys lost during The Great War. It pays tribute to the nobility, courage, unyielding loyalty and immeasurable contribution these animals played in giving us the freedom of democracy we all enjoy today, and signifies the last time the horse would be used on a mass scale in modern warfare.

The War Horse Memorial

It consists of a larger than life bronze horse standing on an inscribed Portland stone plinth created by the British sculptor Susan Leyland. In essence it is much more than a memorial, as it affords the opportunity to create and expand on on-going fundraising initiatives, and become a lasting legacy for the nation.

It was officially unveiled on Friday June 8th 2018. Our emblem is a purple poppy which we consider fitting as it has previously been adopted to honour animal victims of conflict. And a fundraising Purple Poppy Day, on August 23 each year will become an annual way of raising funds for our chosen charities.

The War Horse Memorial maquette

War Horse Maquette

Football legend Arsene Wenger has become the first proud owner of a limited edition War Horse maquette – a scaled replica of the national memorial. Click here to find out how you can buy one too.

Arsene Wenge limited edition War Horse maquette